SOSE is an organic, natural food and handmade personal care brand from the house of SURYAN ORGANIC. An enterprise, that is the outcome of more than 10 years of organic farming, food research and development and is in accordance with the most stringent organic certification in the industry. SOSE is an attempt to provide food that can bring harmony and wellness in life for all.

With a plethora of products that gives you the organic substitute for all your food requirements, it is India's contribution to the global organic revolution. SOSE is striding ahead with the aim of improving the quality of life by improving the quality of daily food and personal care.

We are working to increase the share of consumer spend for the producer through innovations in technology, value chain management and ethical business practices. SOSE is ushering in change from the grass-root level. It is reaching out to thousands of organically growing small farmers, encouraging new initiatives and inspiring professionals to make a difference. Food and clothing have transformed into an extremely complex value chain management, incorporating practices hazardous to nature and harmful to man. SOSE is attempting to bring people back to nature, to re-discover the lost art of clean and healthy living.

Activities and Operations

  • Activities and operations, for quite some time were restricted only to procurement of produce directly from farms and its deliver to people.
  • SOSE work with organic and naturally grown by trusted farmer only, from all over BHARAT.
  • The rising consumer demand and our objective to deliver certified organic and natural grown produce at reasonable prices has now made us concentrate on packaging solutions.
  • Today SOSE has a portfolio of over 2500+ Organic and Natural products in store and online.