24 Mantra Kanda Poha

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(Rice flake & Onion mix)
A light and favourite breakfast of Maharashtra, ready in minutes. With a base of rice flakes, delicately seasoned with onions and peanuts, this dish will be an instant hit with your family. It is made with organic ingredients and no preservatives added! What more could you ask for?

MIX: Take one measure of mix into a bowl. Stir in 1/2 measure of boiling water.
WAIT: Cover and keep aside for 5 minutes
ENJOY: Open after 5 minutes and mix well to enjoy a hot fluffy traditional poha.

*Rice Flakes, *Peanut oil, *Peanuts, *Sugar, *Dried Onion flakes, Salt, *Lemon juice, *Cumin seed, *Desiccated Coconut powder, *Dried Coriander leaves, *Dried Green chillies, *Curry leaves, *Turmeric, Acidity Regulator 330 and Asafoetida. Ingredients with* are organic

Chutney Powder Ingredients:
*Split Black gram, *Split Bengal gram, *Red chilli (8%), Salt, *Peanut oil, Asafoetida, Acidity regulator 330. Ingredients with * are organic

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