Aum Fresh Barbecue Seasoning 30gm

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100% Natural & Pure, No Artificial Flavour, No Addictives, No Preservatives, No MSG
Direction of use: 1 large boiled potato cut into piece, ½-1 tsp oil, a little salt, ½ tsp ginger & garlic paste, 2 tsp Sprinkle barbeque seasoning, mix it properly and marinate for at least 30minute grill & sprinkle lemon juice...Now ready to serve hot.
Uses: Add the smoky flavor and enriched color of barbecue to your food. Sprinkle on lamb chops, steaks, chiken, grilled meat french fries etc. Can also be used on bread crumbs, dips, salad dressing etc.
Ingredients: Red Chilly, Tomato, Garlic,Red Bell Pepper,Onion,Sugar,Lemon,Blackpepper,Parsley,Cinnamon,Salt
Storage Conditions: Temperature < 23°C ,Relative Humidity: 65% Max. General- Keep closed in a dry warehouse, free from infestation and not exposed to direct sunlight, Do not store adjacent to material that gives off strong odors.

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