GIR Ayurvedic Herbal Baby massage Oil (Baby Skin care) 100ml

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Ayurvedic Herbal Baby Massage oils an ancient custom in India, the home of Ayurveda.

Baby Massage oil is made by Ayurveda Methods. It is Enrich with Natural Herbs Blend with Organic Gau Ghee and Organic Cold Pressed oil which Nourish Baby Skin, Strengthen bones and muscles.

Ashwagandha, Bala Maintain Health tissue Life. Manjistha& mulethi Improves blood circulation and prevent skin problem.

“Gau Ghee” acts as an excellent Moisturizer and soften the baby skin.

For Massage: Warm the oil use light strokes to massage your baby with oil let it moisturizing properties Penetrate deep into the skin. Clean with mild baby cleanser.

Indication: Regular Massage Supports Baby Growing & Immunity - Health.

Oil is free from Light Liquid Paraffin, Parabens, Synthetic fragrance, Preservatives Thickner and Colour

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