GIR Nishamruta capsule (60 capsule)

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Allergy care

Nishamruta Capsule is Specially Designed Formula with synergistic Action of Haridra and Gaumutra.It is Potent Medicine for Vast range of Allergic conditions. As per Modern Research Curcumin in Haridra is proven anti-cancer compound used worldwide.

Haridra(Nisha) is an herb that has a distinct yellow color and a pungent flavor. Its versatility in medical application makes it one of the most researched herbs of this era.

Unlike synthetic drugs, Curcuminoids, a key ingredient in Haridra, work against any type of inflammation in the body by targeting multiple pathways of inflammation at the cellular level.

Haridra also helps overcome allergic/ inflammatory skin conditions. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of Haridra assist in preventing the progression of diabetes related changes in organs like the kidneys, retina, nerve cells and minute blood vessels in the body.

In Nishamruta Capsule Gaumutra is used as bioactivity enhancer as well as its own role on Health.

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