Himalayan Mountain Tarrar Chutney 220gm

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This chutney is for the spice lovers. With the benefits of fennel, ginger and onion seeds, this chutney is succulent, tender, chunky and delicious. It is difficult to not to eat this with your every day paranthas or rice dishes.

With grandma style cooking and age old recipe, Peach Hut produces the best chutneys in town and in India. From the mountains of Rajgarh, this tarrar chutney truly justifies its name. Homemade chutney with all natural ingredients, the perfect hit of spice of “kashmiri mirch” i.e. the red chillies from Kashmir and sweetness of jaggery with the sour taste of green raw mangoes and natural acidity regulators like asafoetida and lime juice this chutney is juicy and salivating.

Onion seeds help nourish your hair. Its helps in preventing hair loss, help in healing wounds, indigestion and nourishes your skin. The old recipes in every household especially from a grandma are packed with secrets of health revitalising, curing stomach problems and much more. Similarly the recipes of Peach Hut have all the secrets packed in their chutneys and jams to help you relish and eat healthy at the same time. The use of asafoetida is immensely popular all over the world. It immensely helps in acute gastric problems and in improving your metabolic rate. The chutneys of Indian origin are usually packed with asafoetida and this is the reason that the Indian chutneys are usually preferred with foods such as parathas, biryanis, pulaos, butter chicken, malai dishes etc as the foods are quite heavy on the stomach.

So if you are a food lover and like the spicy food of India and if you are ready to hit your taste buds with mind elevating flavours then buy this tarrar chutney and enjoy it with your everyday Indian style breakfast.

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