Kapiva Ayurveda Aloe + Shilajeet Juice 1 L

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Aloe Vera and Shilajit

Kapiva’s Aloe Vera and Shilajit juice is a combination of two natural energy resources. Aloe Vera is a source of vitamins and mineral with numerous benefits. Shilajit is best known as stamina booster. Prepared using these two super-beneficial herbs, the juice offers vital protection to your physical mechanism and increases your stamina. It is a 100% organic juice without any synthetic colors or flavors. The juice is pure, sugar-free, and contains Shilajit and inner leaf pulp of Aloe Vera.

Benefits of Aloe Vera and Shilajit Juice:

● Increases the production of testosterone, and improves your stamina.
● Acts at the cellular level and boosts energy.
● Boosts vigor, vitality and helps overcome signs of fatigue.
● Protects against cellular damages, and encourages healthy aging.
● Acts as an immunity booster and keeps your heart young.


● Pour 30 ml of juice into a glass of water. You can additionally mix honey or salt or sugar to upgrade the taste of solution.

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