Nyassa Almond Butter Handmade Soap

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Smell as yummy as a freshly baked cookie with the Almond Butter Soap presented by Nyassa. The warm toasty aroma of almonds of this beauty soap always peps up the mood. Almond Butter Soap consists of an exclusive and unique blend of oils and extracts that pamper your skin with utmost care. The oatmeal present in this bath soap acts as a natural exfoliating agent that removes dead cells and gives you radiant skin. While honey plays its part of a natural anti-oxidant that improves skin tone and prevents cell damage and infections. Dry skin is taken care of by Sweet Almond Oil Extract which is high in Vitamin E. All in all, your skin feels pampered and nourished and glows in sheer happiness and health.
Fragrance Type: Almond

Fragrance Scale: Mild

Nyassa Almond Butter Handmade Soap (150 gm) - Features:
Infused with a warm toasty aroma of milk, honey, and almonds
Oatmeal acts as a natural exfoliant
Its active ingredients work as a natural antioxidant that improves skin tone and prevents cell damages
Works well on dry, irritated and scaly skin
The Active Base contains a unique blend of six pure and natural carrier oils, essential oils, and extracts

How to Use:
Wet the soap and rub it till it foams, apply on your wet body, massage it all over and then rinse well. For optimal longevity, keep the Nyassa soap in a well-drained soap dish between uses.

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