Nyassa Body Mist - Malibu

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Make your move and let the world know you are game for more. As the aroma lingers in the air and time stands still, swaying only on the fragrance that fills the air, get ready to lose yourself in the smooth poetry of life and rhyme. Nyassa Malibu Body Mist delivers the unique, fresh scent of Frosted Fern and Sea Water to offer a fragrance which has a delightful spell to cast. A fresh aquatic fragrance that feels like a splash of clear crystal blue water on your body. This body spray is lighter than perfume and has a unique fragrance, unlike other body mists.

Nyassa Malibu Body Mist (150 ml) - Features:
An aromatic blend of frosted fern and seawater creates a refreshing aroma
Keeps you fresh and upbeat all day long
Body mist with lasting but mild fragrance
A perfect choice for fashion-forward individuals

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