Nyassa Body Mist - Mujaki

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An envelope of innocent confidence that surrounds the soul like a pure, ethereal halo. Invoke the pure sense of aroma into the fruity and floral surprise of the Nyassa Mujaki Body Mist. The refreshing fragrance of pink grapefruit and water lilies form the perfect union while delivering a fragrance that is so unique, that it will leave you spellbound. Get the body mist to unlock a deep gaze followed by a deep breath to discover simply minded joy. This body spray is lighter than perfume and has a unique fragrance, unlike other body mists.

Nyassa Mujaki Body Mist (150 ml) - Features:
Body mist with a breezy and refreshing fragrance
The fragrance lasts all day long and keeps you in a positive mood
Can be used on most occasions
Combines the exceptional scents of pink grapefruit and water lilies

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