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We are an organic foods, natural home care and handmade personal care brand from the house of Suryan Organic . We were born out of the need to start at the beginning, to go to the roots of our problems. As an enterprise that is inspired by the mission of Bansi Gir Gaushala , our aim is to contribute to the revival of “ Gau Sanskriti ”, an ancient culture which placed the Gaumata (Cow as the Divine Mother) at the center of all economic, cultural and social activity. Agriculture is the foundation of such a culture , and it is with this paradigm that we seek to find solutions to the problems facing Bharat and humanity at large.

Our country and the world spend billions of dollars each year after synthetic fertilizer and pesticide subsidies. This introduces toxic chemicals in the food chain driving health imbalances and further spending on public health. We believe there is an urgent need to develop natural methods to improve farm production and distribution.

Our parent Suryan Organic has more than 10 years of organic farming, food research and development experience. We are associated with over 82,062+ organic and naturally growing trusted farmers, from all over BHARAT. We believe that if we have to make a difference in society, our influence must extend from the farm all the way to the urban household. अधिक पढ़ें

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We are committed to quality and each of our facility is independently certified by an industry-accredited agency.

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