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CO FEE CO Organic Brahmi Coffee 100gm

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Benefits :-

• CO FEE CO Brahmi Coffee contains a plentiful amount of antioxidants, elements to fortify a body's immune system.
• Reducing Stress and Increasing Mood
• Improving the Immune System
• Boosting the Body's Metabolism
• Decrease in the risk of stroke
• A decrease in the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart failure

Product Descripation :

Co Fee Co Brahmi Coffee is a fine blend of Coffee and Brahmi. 
The word Brahmi represents Mahasaraswati, the Goddess of Learning, Intelligence and Sattva, the pure essence of consciousness. 
This herb has been used since ages to improve brain function, and reduce Vata and Pitta disorders. 
Brahmi also has potent anti-aging and anti-diabetic properties.

Specifications for CO FEE CO Organic Brahmi Coffee 100gm

Brands CO FEE CO
Product Type 100% Organic Certified
Available Packs Pack of 1