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GIR Ananta Churna 25gm

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Benefits :-

• Immunity Booster
• Use Full In Digestive System & high Cholesterol of Blood Pressure
• Use Full In Anemia, Antiviral & Anti Microbial
• Use full in women Problem, Prolactin Hormone Increaser, Insomnia, Heart Tonic & Stress Management
• Usefull in urine Diseases Burning & Maturation, Urticaria (Skin Problem)

Product Descripation :

Herbal nutritional supplement. Aids in detoxification.

Benefits :

Immunity Booster, Use Full in Digestive System, Usefull in high Cholesterol of Blood Pressure, Anemia, Antiviral & Anti Microbial, Use full in women Problem, Prolactin Hormone Increaser, Insomnia, Heart Tonic & Stress Management.Usefull in urine Diseases Burning & Maturation,Urticaria (Skin Problem) 


1 Tsp / 3 part with warm water on an empty stomach. Directed by Physician 


Durva Churna, Jwara Churna

Specifications for GIR Ananta Churna 25gm

Brands GIR
Product Type Herbal
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