GIR Gaumutra Ark 200ml

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• Enhance memory and intelligence
• For all types of joint and bone related disorders.
• Useful in rheumatoid arthritis.
• It prevents joint degradation and deformities.
• Also reduces swelling and inflammation is osteoarthritis.

Brands: GIR
Product Type: Herbal

Product Description

Ayurveda texts and modern research back the following facts: 

It is distilled cow urine. It is most commonly used to reduce the cholesterol level from the blood and decrease the excess body weight. It does have less smell compare to Gaumutra, this is the main cause behind of its popularity. It provides a better treatment when taken for a longer period of time. 

It is most effective in the treatment of Urinary disorder, gall stone, Obesity, Skin disease, anaemia, Indigestion etc. DNA repairing potential Cow urine repairs the damaged DNA very effectively due to this property cow urine 
is able to fight with the malignant type of cancer. 

Bioenhancing property Cow urine is most commonly prescribed with chemotherapeutic agents due to its bioenhancing property.Cow urine increases the bioavailability or bioactivity of the drug when given in combination, it reduces the side effect of the drug, dose of the drug and also reduces the cost of the chemotherapeutic agents. 

Antiaging factor Cow urine prevents Free radical formation thus it 
prevents the chances of cancer. 

Apoptosis Cow urine enhances the self destruction ability of the abnormal growing cells it increases the apoptosis of lymphocytes. 
Lymphocytes are the cells which are responsible for fight against abnormal growing cancerous cell.

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