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GIR Giloy gaumutra capsule - Immunity Booster (60 capsule)

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• Immunity Booster
• Enhance memory and intelligence
• Useful in rheumatoid arthritis.
• Also reduces swelling.

Product Description:

Immunity Booster

Giloy Gaumutra Capsule is specially designed formula with synergistic action of Guduchi and Gaumutra. As per Ayurveda, Guduchi is "tridosha shamaka" and also called AMRUTA, meaning it is regarded as an elixir for maintaining a healthy body.

Guduchi is effective in a wide range of fevers and other infective conditions. 

Helps increase the effectiveness of protective white blood cells that fight infection.

Augments immune responses to infections by in influencing various immune effector cells and ensures early recovery.

Doses :

1-2 capsules per day with warm water or as directed by physician.

Specifications for GIR Giloy gaumutra capsule - Immunity Booster (60 capsule)

Brands GIR
Product Type Herbal
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