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GIR Hadamruta capsule (60 capsule)

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• Helps to relieve constipation.
• Detoxifies the digestive system.
• Improves body heat.
• Improves vision, digestion strength as well as intelligence.
• Also acts as a Rasayan (kaya-kalp, anti-aging).

Product Description:

Bowel care

Hadamruta Capsule is specially designed formula with synergistic action of Haritaki (specially picked chalisi harde) and Gaumutra.

As per Ayurveda, Haritaki is very useful in hemorrhoids & helps to ease bowel movements. It helps in reducing the pile mass and reducing bleeding.

As per Ayurveda, there are seven types of Haritaki - Vijaya, Rohini, Putana, Amruta, Abhaya, Jivanti , Chetaki. We at Bansi Gir Gauveda procure special grade of Haritaki called Chalisi (40 fruits in 400 gram) which is best quality Haritaki available in market, and process it with Gaumutra.

Haritaki is best for purifying the channels of the body that is called “srotoshodhan.” It helps to improve the digestive system & helps in healthy digestion of food.