Sidha Kisan Se Organic Ragi Flour 1Kg

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Benefits :-

• Loaded with Calcium
• Helps in Controlling Diabetes
• Reverts Skin Ageing
• Battles Anemia
• Relaxes the Body
• Helps in Weight Loss

Brands: SOSE

Products Description :-

Made from best quality organic Ragi. 100% certified organic.

Ragi (or Nachani in Gujarati) has been consumed by people in Bharat since over 4000 years.

Proteins contained in Ragi, such as eleusinin, tryptophan, methionoine and cystine are more bio-available (meaning they get absorbed in the body much faster) and not found in adequate quantities in most other cereals.

Ragi may contain 5-30 times more calcium compared with other cereals, and is also rich in anti-oxidants.

Use this flour to prepare delicious roti’s, halwa, laddu’s, etc and stay healthy!

At Sidha Kisan Se, it is our mission to change the way people think about food and healthcare, bringing simple Ayurvedic concepts back into your homes. With ethical practices and products, we are dependable partners to help you lead a pure, organic and healthy lifestyle.