SO GOOD Omega Vanila Muesli 250gm

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    Benefits :-

    • Gluten-free
    • Good source of Calcium, Copper, and Iron
    • Aids in Weight Loss
    • Improves Immunity
    • Good Source of Vitamins and Minerals
    • Rich in Fiber
    • Helps Reduce Bad Cholesterol
    • Source Of Omega

    Product Description :

    • Ancient Grains • Gluten free • Rich in Fiber • Lowers cholesterol • Improves Immunity

    How to use 

    • Healthy tummy filler munchies

    • Mix a handful of muesli with sliced fruits of your choice.

    • Soak muesli with milk, curd, plane, or flavored yogurt overnight in the refrigerator.

    • Add some muesli into a smoothie of your choice

    • Cook the muesli into porridge.

    • Top your dessert with muesli

    • Add muesli to your baking recipe

    • Try replacing the oats with muesli

    Ingredients :

    Organic Jumbo Oats, Organic Brown Sugar, Organic Ragi Flakes, Organic Bajra Flakes, Organic Almond, Organic Pumpkin Seed, Natural Vanilla Extract, Organic Flax Seed, Organic Chia Seed.

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