SO GOOD Organic Jaggery Amaranth Muesli 250gm

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    • Enhance Athletic Performance
    • Improve Heart Health
    • Boost Hemoglobin
    • Vitamine C, E Rich
    • Prevent Ageing
    • Healthy Bones
    • Blood Purifier
    • Super Food
    • No Sugar

    Product Description:

    Made with Organic Ingredients

     • NO Preservatives • NO Artificial Flavor

    •    Amaranth has been known in Bharatiya culinary traditions since centuries as a highly nutritious food that nourishes the body and provides a range of other benefits,
    •    Amaranth is a gluten free source of protein, dietary fiber, lipids, calcium and phosphorous among other nutrients.
    •    This delectable blend is a powerhouse of taste and nutrition, with organically sourced ingredients such as Cashew, Almonds, Flax seeds, Chia seeds and Raisins.
    •    Pamper your taste buds and take good care of your health with So Good Amaranth Muesli with Jaggery.

    Storage Conditions:

    • Do not consume if the pack is leaked or damaged.
    • Once the pack is opened, transfer the product to a clean and airtight container.
    • Once opened, consume within one month for the best experience.
    • Store in a cool and dry place. 

    Allergens Advice: 
    Made in a facility that process wheat and nuts