Vitro Natural Mosquito Repellent Cream 50g

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In starting summers and end of the rainy season, mosquitoes breed in large numbers. Not only their bites are irritating but also they spread deadly diseases like Dengue, Chikungunya, yellow fever, Malaria & filariasis. Most female mosquitoes require a blood meal before they can produce a batch of eggs. Protection from these mosquitoes and the deadly diseases caused by them with Vitro Naturals totally natural formulation based on aromatic & essential oils,
the only mosquito repellents to be endorsed by the CSIR Govt. Of India.
How Mosquito Repellents Work
Unlike most mosquito repellents, Vitro Naturals Mosquito Repellents do not contain deadly chemicals which kills or knocks down mosquitoes. Mosquitoes
detect you by the odors that your body or room emits. New advanced Vitro Naturals Mosquito Repellents uses a formula which masks the distinctive body
odor that human skin emits & room odor making you virtually invisible to mosquitoes. It offers protection against mosquito bites.
Vitro Naturals Presents Natural Mosquito Repellents Range in various forms according to taste & preference of users like cream, room spray, gel & body spray with same active ingredients in all products.
Advantages: Non Toxic, Eco-friendly, Cost effective, Bio safe natural product. Highly effective with no side & harmful effect.
Main Ingredients: Stabilized Aloe Vera Juice, Citronella Oil, Eucalyptus globulus and Ajwain Extract (Trachyspermum amni).
Method of Use:
To apply exposure part of body.
Efficacy: 4-5 hrs.