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Vitro Natural Toothpaste (Tooth Care) 100gm

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    Benefits :

    • Cleans your teeth safely
    • Effectively refreshes your breath
    • Prevents and calms gum pain
    • Stain Remover
    • Safe for children

    Product Descripation :

    Vitro naturals toothcare  is herbal toothpaste containing herbs and some ayurvedic ingredients. It improves the health of the teeth and gums. It helps to protect the teeth and gums from infections. Regular brushing of teeth using this toothpaste can help to prevent cavities in the tooth. It can also help to prevent and reduce pain in the gums and teeth. The herbs found in this medicine are effective in maintaining the strength of teeth and gums. It also helps to stop the bleeding from the gums. It provides a refreshing smell and can help people get rid of bad breath. People suffering from gingivitis caused by the inflammation of the gums can also use this toothpaste to control the disease.

    Toothpaste cleans the teeth well. Actually, it is the brush that removes the plaque and stains. Neither the toothpaste, not how forcefully you press your teeth is essential. It’s the time that matters. Choose an extra soft brush and try brushing at least 2 mins every day morning and evening.

    Toothpaste is filled with healing effects. Despite all the promises and statements printed on the packaging, toothpaste does not clear the stain or heal gingivitis. For these, you might have to visit your dentist.

    Toothpaste can be very useful. Actually, it totally depends. The truth is that the more the company promises, the more it is filled with chemicals. Finally, we might end up with receding gums